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2022年11月02日 VOA慢速英語:數據顯示孕婦接種 RSV 疫苗可保護新生兒





https://online2.tingclass.net/lesson/shi0529/0008/8394/數據顯示孕婦接種 RSV 疫苗可保護新生兒.mp3
Data Shows RSV Vaccine Given to Pregnant Women Protects Newborns
數據顯示孕婦接種 RSV 疫苗可保護新生兒

A new study finds that vaccinating pregnant women for RSV was effective in protecting their newborns from the sickness.
一項新的研究發現,為孕婦接種 RSV 疫苗可有效保護新生兒免受疾病侵害。
RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. It affects the body's breathing system. RSV is most common in babies, but can also affect adults. Most of the time it only causes minor sickness such as runny nose and cough. But in serious cases it can lead to life-threatening disease in some babies and older people.
RSV 代表呼吸道合胞病毒。它會影響身體的呼吸系統。RSV 在嬰兒中最常見,但也會影響成人。大多數情況下,它只會引起輕微的疾病,例如流鼻涕和咳嗽。但在嚴重的情況下,它可能會導致一些嬰兒和老年人患上危及生命的疾病。
American drug maker Pfizer did the study. It announced the results Tuesday. The study subjects were given the vaccine in the second half of their pregnancy terms.
The company said its RSV vaccine was nearly 82 percent effective in preventing severe cases of the virus during the first 90 days of a baby's life. At six months of age, the vaccine was found to be 69 percent effective against serious sickness, the study found.
該公司表示,其 RSV 疫苗在嬰兒出生后 90 天內預防嚴重病毒病例的有效性接近 82%。研究發現,在六個月大時,該疫苗對嚴重疾病的有效率為 69%。
Pfizer said there were no signs of safety problems in mothers or babies.
The company said the study showed the vaccine was most effective against severe disease. For milder sickness, the rate of effectiveness dropped to between 51 to 57 percent.
該公司表示,研究表明該疫苗對嚴重疾病最有效。對于較輕的疾病,有效率下降到 51% 到 57% 之間。
In the United States, RSV leads to the hospitalization of about 58,000 children younger than age 5 each year. Several hundred children die. About 177,000 adults 65 and older are hospitalized with RSV each year and it kills about 14,000.
在美國,RSV 每年導致約 58,000 名 5 歲以下兒童住院。數百名兒童死亡。每年約有 177,000 名 65 歲及以上的成年人因 RSV 住院,并導致約 14,000 人死亡。
Worldwide, about 100,000 children a year die from RSV, most of them in poor countries.
在全球范圍內,每年約有 100,000 名兒童死于 RSV,其中大部分在貧困國家。
Pfizer said it plans to seek government approval of its RSV vaccine by the end of 2022. If approved, Pfizer's shot could become the first vaccine given to mothers to prevent RSV in young children.
輝瑞表示,它計劃在 2022 年底之前尋求政府對其 RSV 疫苗的批準。如果獲得批準,輝瑞的疫苗可能成為第一個給予母親預防幼兒 RSV 的疫苗。
British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is also working on developing a vaccine against RSV.
英國制藥商葛蘭素史克 (GSK) 也在致力于開發針對 RSV 的疫苗。
Both companies recently announced their shots have also shown good results protecting older people.
Kena Swanson is vice president of Pfizer's viral vaccines division. She told Reuters news agency that a vaccine given to mothers "takes advantage of the ability to protect the infant from day one." Swanson added that the results are important because they showed the vaccine is highly effective at protecting babies at "the peak of hospitalization," at around one to two months of age.
Kena Swanson 是輝瑞公司病毒疫苗部門的副總裁。她告訴路透社,給母親接種的疫苗“利用 了從第一天起保護嬰兒的能力”。斯旺森補充說,結果很重要,因為它們表明疫苗在大約一到兩個月大的“住院高峰期”可以非常有效地保護嬰兒。
Children's hospitals in parts of the U.S. have been reporting worrying levels of RSV cases. While the latest findings will not be able to help that situation, they do raise hopes that one or more vaccines might become available before next fall's RSV season.
美國部分地區的兒童醫院報告的 RSV 病例水平令人擔憂。雖然最新發現無法幫助解決這種情況,但它們確實提出了一種或多種疫苗可能在明年秋季 RSV 季節之前上市的希望。
"My fingers are crossed," said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University. "We're making inroads," he added.

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